Power swap solution

☑  At present, the power exchange mode breaks through the problems of high acquisition cost and low energy replenishment efficiency faced by charging, and has good economic applicability;

☑  Based on the vehicle electricity separation mode, there is no need to buy batteries, which can reduce the purchase cost by 50% and the energy use cost by 15~30%. Power exchange helps to realize the centralized management, charging and maintenance of batteries, improve battery life and efficiency, and increase the utilization value and safety of echelons;

☑  The replacement station occupies less area, reduces the cost of land resources, and at the same time has less impact on the power grid.

Landturl power swap station solution

1. Modular design, rapid deployment

2. Foundation base prefabricated form, short on-site installation cycle and high efficiency

3. Customized design according to customer requirements, high flexibility