• Head of Foreign Trade
  • Sales Manager

Job responsibilities:
1. Set sales targets and implementation plans, lead the team to implement and complete sales targets;1. Plan the company's foreign trade development plan, improve the company's trade business operation process and management system;
2. Use the company's existing Alibaba international station and other trade platforms and other network resources to develop customer resources;
3. Respond to customer inquiries and inquiries on various foreign trade platforms in a timely manner, and continue to follow up, and be responsible for foreign trade order negotiation, signing, review, export logistics, payment collection and other foreign trade business matters;
4. Maintain existing customer resources and provide them with timely and high-quality services;
5. Collect customer opinions, understand customer needs and business motivations, and specify regional market development strategies;
6. Collect market information, study market trends and goals, understand competitors, and provide accurate information on market trends and demand changes; 
7. Organize and participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions, host foreign language conference calls, and enhance brand image;
8. Responsible for the collection, feedback and analysis of relevant national policies, industry information, friend business information, technical trend information and other information related to overseas markets, and respond to changes in a timely manner;

1. Full-time college degree or above, major in international trade and foreign trade English is preferred;
2. Have more than 3 years of experience in foreign trade, familiar with the operation of Ali International Station, familiar with the various processes of trade work and related laws and regulations, and experience in foreign trade of industrial products is preferred;
3. Strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to communicate directly with foreign customers, and negotiate with foreign customers independently;
4. Have good management, communication and problem-solving skills, cheerful and outgoing, proactive, strong sense of responsibility and strong resistance to pressure

Job responsibilities:
1. Acquire new customers and maintain existing ones, build good customer relationships and drive sales growth
2. Analyze customer needs and market dynamics, formulate sales plans and strategies, and achieve sales targets
3. Provide technical advice and support to answer customers' questions about product technology and functions
4. Conduct product demonstrations and sales negotiations to introduce the company's products and solutions to customers
5. Coordinate the cooperation between internal teams and departments to ensure the quality and efficiency of delivery and after-sales service
6. Collect and analyze market and competitive intelligence to understand customer needs and industry trends, and provide accurate data support for sales decisions
7. Participate in industry exhibitions and conferences to promote the company's products and brands
8. Establish sales reports and analyze sales data, provide analysis reports on sales and market trends for the company's management, continuously learn and update product knowledge and technology, so as to maintain understanding and sensitivity to new technologies and industry developments.

1. Educational qualifications are not limited, interested in the automation industry, or have relevant professional backgrounds such as electrical automation, electronic engineering, etc
2. More than 3 years of sales experience, familiar with sales process and market development, including customer development, negotiation skills, sales presentation, etc., able to effectively promote sales and achieve goals
3. Have the ability to analyze and sort out market information, have market experience and sensitive market observation and analysis
4. Good communication and presentation skills, able to communicate and collaborate effectively with customers and within the team
5. Strong ability to work under pressure and adaptability, able to stay calm and efficient in a high-pressure environment
6. Good at teamwork, able to collaborate with internal teams and departments to achieve sales goals together.