Residential energy storage solution

New energy is getting more and more attention and favor, residential energy storage system not only solves the stable demand for electricity, but also can use the peak-valley price difference to reduce electricity costs, improve photovoltaic power generation self-consumption rate and other functions, is an integrated solution for household scenarios.

Landturl intelligent residential energy storage solution

1. "Energy storage inverter + battery" solution, with a variety of energy storage inverters and battery products, suitable for new photovoltaic storage power stations, original residential grid-connected system transformation or areas without (weak) power grid. 

2. "Photovoltaic + energy storage inverter + battery" solution, using rooftop solar power generation devices and low-cost power sources of social power supply systems to deposit rich electricity into the energy storage system, so as to prepare for the use of general household appliances, computers, lighting, communication equipment, etc. during peak hours, which can not only be used as emergency power supply, but also save electricity costs for households.

3. Easily grasp the power station situation through cloud monitoring and enjoy a zero-carbon life.

Residential energy storage solution​ topology map
Residential energy storage solution​ case